Steel Structural Design

Each Pre-Engineered steel building is customized to meet the exact planning , materials specifications and design suitability requirements based upon its location , functionality and client’s requirements. ... Various components of Primary framing ( such as Rigid frames, Canopies, Lean-to frames, end wall post and beam frames etc.) and components of Secondary framing (such as Wind bents, flange bracings, diagonal bracings , roof purlins , eaves struts, sag rods, bracing struts etc.,) the wall cladding panels / roof sheeting panels with/without insulation and all other building structure and sheeting accessories is included in the supply ,subject to order conditions . The complete supply includes all necessary foundation bolts, hardware for structure assembly, galvanized sheeting screws, trims , flashings and metal gutters with down runners, for the full assembly of the building . Normally, no welding is to be carried out at the site.
Design & manufacturing standards :
conforms to American Practice standards / manuals / UBC Codes / I.S. Codes and manufactured according to most suitable and best practices of American Codes and I.S. Codes, as applicable.
Loads applied in accordance with: Low Rise Building Systems Manual Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), USA
Wind / snow Loads, Superimposed loads , Crane loads I.S. 875 , I.S.800 for India / as suitable
Earthquake Loads as per I.S. 1893 for India / as suitable
Steel components designed in accordance with:
Manual of Steel Construction , American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
Cold Formed Steel Design Manual, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)
I.S. Codes for Cold formed design in Steel
Steel Built-up I-sections for Primary framing are manufactured in accordance with:
MBMA , AISC , AWS D.1.1.98.